Web Training

We want you to be successful with Onspring from the start, so we offer a web-based training program for new Onspring admins. Over the course of 60 days, you may complete up to 10 training sessions with an Onspring expert, all from the comfort of your desk.

Web Training Highlights:

  • Web training is for admin users. We’ll guide you through core platform functionality so you know how to configure apps, reports, dashboards, messaging, users and more.
  • You may have 2 admin users on each training call.
  • Your trainer will meet with you via web conference for up to 2 sessions per week. Each 1-hour session covers a specific topic (detailed below).
  • The training curriculum includes 6 required topics and up to 4 optional topics.
  • Web training is a 60-day program, and you can complete up to 10 sessions within that time frame.

Required Training Topics

App Layouts & Field Types

Learn about the fields types available to you when configuring Onspring apps. Understand how to create new fields, add them to the layout, and group them by sections or tabs.

Data Relationships

Understand how to configure references between apps to improve visibility and data integrity. Learn best practices for data relationships, and discover how content in one app can fuel processes in another.


Learn how to configure reports to display information in text or chart format. Understand report filters, scheduled reports, export options and temporary report creation.


Learn how to group reports onto dashboards to give users instant access to the data and functions they need. Also learn how to bundle dashboards into functional containers.

User Management

Learn how to add users and manage their access to content. Understand roles, groups and the Role Security feature for updating multiple permissions at once.

Triggers & Outcomes

Learn how to define rules to automatically set or filter list values, auto-create new records, hide entire sections of fields, set date values or require values based on data conditions.

Optional Training Topics

Email Notifications

Learn how to use Messaging to instantly alert users when content or tasks require their attention. Understand how to set up reminders based on due dates and other values.


Learn how to auto-generate field values, such as an average rating or overall status. See how you can modify calculations to reflect your workflows and scoring methodology.

Dynamic Documents

Learn how to auto-generate reports in Word and PDF format, pulling content from multiple related apps into one cohesive view.

Visual Workflow

Understand Onspring’s visual workflow builder. Learn how to configure various stages with approval and rejection paths.


Learn how to configure surveys to collect information from internal and external recipients. Understand question types, branching logic and scoring.

Data Import

Learn how to import historical data into Onspring quickly and accurately. Understand how to set up your data file and load it into your target app.

Web training is available to clients only. Not there yet? Request a Demo.