We want you to be successful with our no-code platform from day one, so we offer a flexible onboarding program that’s personalized to your needs and goals.

Onboarding Highlights:

  • Onboarding is designed for Admin users. We’ll focus on the platform’s back-end capabilities so you know how to configure reports, dashboards, Apps and surveys for your organization.
  • Your dedicated onboarding specialist will meet with you via web conference for up to 2 sessions per week. Each 1-hour session covers a specific topic. (Details below.)
  • You can have 1–2 Admin users on each onboarding call. We recommend that 1 Admin user attends all sessions, scheduled at your convenience.
  • The onboarding program lasts 60 days, and you can complete up to 10 sessions within that time. We can begin whenever you’re ready!

Onboarding: Required Sessions

Kick-Off Session: Solution Admin Tour

Learn about the configuration of your Onspring solution, including the Apps involved and how they are connected, the various components of data collection, triggers, messaging and content security rules.

Final Session: Transition to Onspring Support

Discuss Admin troubleshooting and maintenance topics. Also meet a representative from our Support team, which will assist you once your onboarding program is complete.

Onboarding: Optional Sessions

Reports & Dashboards

Learn how to build and filter reports to display the data, trends and functions you want to see. Understand scheduled reports, export options and temporary report creation.

User Management

Learn how to add users and manage their access to content. Understand roles, groups and the Role Security feature for updating multiple permissions at once.

Data Integrity & End-User Automation: Part 1

Learn how to maintain data integrity by automatically setting or filtering content, hiding irrelevant sections, requiring certain inputs, and freezing calculations.

Data Integrity & End-User Automation: Part 2

Learn how to automatically assign users and managers based on record conditions. Discover how to create new records based on a schedule or logical rules.

Email Notifications

Learn how to use Messaging to instantly alert users when content or tasks require their attention. Understand how to set up reminders based on due dates and other values.

Calculate & Automate with Formulas

Learn how to auto-generate values, such as total vendor spend or overall status. See how you can modify calculations to accurately reflect your workflows and rating values.

Surveys: Part 1

Learn how to configure surveys to collect information from internal and external recipients. Understand question types, branching logic and survey help text.

Surveys: Part 2

Learn how to define correct responses in surveys and score responses by question and section. Discover how to launch your survey campaign and allow delegates to respond.

Data Relationships

Understand how to build relationships between Apps to improve visibility and efficiency. Discover how content in one App can fuel processes in another.

Data Import

Learn how to import historical data into Onspring quickly and accurately. Understand how to set up your data file and load it into your target App.

Onboarding is available to clients and partners only. Not there yet? Request a Demo.