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Solutions for Your Business

Manage supplier relationships, contracts, surveys and more!

A thriving business juggles many moving parts. In order to maintain financial success, your business must forge strong supplier relationships that will provide your team with valuable products, services and advice for years to come. Onspring® unites your supplier information with powerful features to help you manage supplier accounts, contacts, contracts and related due diligence activities in a single, highly-configurable system.


Manage vendors, relationship owners, risk ratings and spend information.


Track vendor contact by company, subisidary, location and more.


Manage contracts, expiration dates, owners, attachments and relevant status.

Onboarding Assessments (SIG / SIG Lite)

Conduct initial assessments and send surveys directly to vendors for completion.

Due Diligence

Conduct ongoing vendor assessments based upon risk level or tier.

Vendor Findings

Identify and manage vendor contracting and compliance issues.


Monitor efforts to resolve and decrease vendor risks and issues.


Manage tasks, due dates, assignment and reminders.

Document Repository

Upload and share relevant documents quickly and easily.

A comprehensive legal solution for in-house counsel

Corporate counsel is frequently pulled in many different directions. One moment, an in-house attorney may be tasked with reviewing a contract or compliance issue, and the next, he or she may be pulled into a legal dispute or litigation matter. While managing a host of varied projects, in-house counsel also must stay abreast of everyday operational tasks, such as managing legal service requests and tracking CLE requirements. Onspring® allows your team to easily manage the legal universe within a single, highly-flexible system.

Legal Matters

Manage complaints, litigation and resolutions in a single place.

Legal Opinions & Research

Share legal opinons and research with your team.


Track internal and external contacts on a legal matters.

Legal Tickets

Triage and assign internal legal service requests.


Store contracts and attachments and integrate them with notifications and scheduling.

Legal Clause Library

Maintain approved legal clauses for use in company contracts.

CLE Requirements

Ensure continued legal education requirements are in good standing.


Manage tasks, due dates, assignment and reminders.

Document Repository

Upload and share relevant documents quickly and easily.

Manage risk assessments, audit projects, control testing, quality assurance and more!

High performing organizations rely on Internal Audit and other corporate assurance functions to serve as a “last line of defense” that ensures the propriety and effectiveness of critical corporate governance, risk management and control programs. Onspring provides your mission-critical assurance functions with powerful features to help you manage risk assessments, assurance projects, testing procedures and findings in a single, highly-configurable system.

Auditable Entities

Capture information and monitor metrics relevant to all auditable entities.

Audit Findings

Identify issues in need of resolution as determined by related audit projects.


Track internal and external contact information and quickly and easily see relationships to other processes and applications.

Internal Controls

Maintain a common repository of all organizational controls.

Project Objectives

Monitor completion of project objectives that are used to drive key metrics and reports.

Project Risks

Identify and rate specific risk details within a broader set of organizational risks managed in a centralized risk catalog.

Review Notes

Collaborate and share notes across audit and assurance efforts.

Risk Assessment

Assess your organizational risks within a centralized risk catalog.


Record all audit evidence obtained during the audit process.

With Onspring, solutions are only limited by your imagination. The power of the platform is in your hands.
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Tools for your business

Onspring’s tools allow executives and business process owners to collaborate and communicate all business operations data. Chart visualizations, reports and dashboards quickly summarize the state of the business. Email messaging allows data to be sent internally or externally.

  • Powerful visualizations
  • Dynamic Email Messaging
  • Simple Report Creation
  • Externally Accessible Surveys
  • Conent Permissioning

Powered by the Platform

All Onspring solutions are built on the platform. You can customize and extend to meet your specific needs. Request a Demo

Centrally manage your business data

You need a flexible, reliable solution that stores information in all its forms, making it accessible at the drop of a hat. Bring it all together quickly and efficiently with Onspring. Onspring Apps are tailored for your business and stored in the cloud so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Get organized with
integrated Apps

Onspring works the way you do. Easily build forms to manage your processes, including projects, contacts, tasks, sales opportunities and more. Relate and analyze information with visual reports, charts and dashboards. Be more productive and gain new insights into your business. With Onspring, you’re in control.

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Share and collaborate securely

Give your team access to the data they need—and only what they need—with just a few clicks. Onspring makes it easy to add users and assign the right level of access based on their role. You can quickly define process flows to manage reviews, inputs and approvals. No matter where your team is working, Onspring works for you.

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Gain the power of
enterprise software

Onspring offers many features previously available only in large, enterprise software packages. No matter the size of your business, you’ll have all of the security, performance and scalability you need.

Rapid App Builder

Have content and processes to manage? Build and relate Onspring apps in minutes, not months. No custom code required.

Collaboration and Control

Give your team access to the data they need in a snap. Manage inputs, changes, approvals and audit trails.

Real-Time Reporting

Analyze your business with visual reports, charts and dashboards. Gain productivity and act immeadiately when you find issues.

Easy Automation

Send notifications, trigger data changes and run calculations — all without lifting a finger. Onspring does the work for you.

Data In, Data Out

It’s simple to import and export content with Onspring. Your data is stored securely in the cloud.

Mobile Ready

Access the information your need from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Onspring goes with you.